All 16" x 20" prints are printed in-house on an Epson P900 fine art printer on Epson Hot Press Bright paper. This archival paper is 100% cotton, heavyweight, and is renowned for its ability to produce crisp lines and rich blacks. After printing, imitation gold leaf is applied with gold leaf size.

What materials are used for your prints?

All in-house and with high quality materials. 16" x 20" prints are hinged with linen hinging tape on acid-free foam board. Spacers are applied to the back of UV-protectant 1/10" thick plexiglass. The plexiglass and mounted art are then fletchered into their frame, a dust cover is applied to the back, and mounting hardware is installed.

How are your prints framed?

Short answer: with picture hooks 19" apart.

Long answer: here's a PDF guide

How do I hang my triptych?

I print my 16" x 20" prints in limited runs of 100 and my 8" x 10" prints in limited runs of 250. This allows me to focus on quality over quantity and makes the artwork you purchase more valuable.

Why are your prints limited edition?

First of all, same. Second of all, yes! I can work off of any reference photo(s) you send me. Details are included in the "Custom" tab and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

I'm a crazy dog/cat/etc. parent. Can I commission a portrait of them?

While my prints are not available in stores, I do occasionally sell them at craft fairs. To be notified of upcoming events, please join the mailing list and or follow me on Instagram.

Do you sell at any physical locations?

The original pieces I make are 16" x 20" and maintaining the scale of the original conserves the thickness of the drawing's lines, which gives prints the illusion of being an original rather than a print. Adding gold leaf and properly framing with spacers is quite time and material-consuming, so these larger pieces are the focus of the collection as fine art pieces.

I also offer smaller prints to cover a range of price-points. As scaling down original work also scales down the width of the strokes of ink, the thinner lines start to look more like a print than an original piece of artwork. I use gold ink instead of gold leaf on 8" x 10" prints as gold leaf is quite difficult to apply in very thin areas.

Why is gold leaf and framing only available on large pieces?

I found my signature to be too visually distracting on these prints. So instead, I emboss my initials in the lower righthand corner, and on the back of the print, I sign and number the print in pencil.

Why don't I see your signature on my print?